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It’s Dark Out There | Headlight Restoration

Headlights are often neglected when it comes to car care. When you were coming home from Batman v. Superman last night, you noticed things were a little, well, dark. Your headlights seemed to be working, but maybe they were a bit dimmer than usual. Sounds as if you, like lots of other drivers, have been…
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Night Vision | Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration will help you see better at night. You were coming back from watching Paddington Bear at the family movie night at Graceada Park on Friday when you noticed you were having trouble seeing. The problem was your headlights. They’re foggy, scratched and just aren’t working real well. The solution, of course, is to…
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Light the Way | Headlight Restoration

Make sure headlight restoration is done before you get on the road for the Labor Day holiday. Labor Day weekend is here. The last big hurrah of summer. Thousands of people will be on the roads getting in one last fun trip before fall and winter set in. If you’re one of them – headed…
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Light Up the Night | Headlight Restoration

It’s time for headlight restoration if you’re having trouble seeing at night. You spent part of last weekend chilling out at the Turlock Lake recreation area. You started back after the sun went down and noticed things seemed a little dark. The next day, you checked your headlights and realized that they’ve become foggy and…
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