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A Wall of Glass | Glass Walls

Once radical, glass walls are becoming more common in good home design. You spent part of today taking part in the Relay for Life. It's always an upper to do something good for people, but you also enjoyed being outdoors. Too bad there's not a way to be outdoors all the time but that's not…
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Transparent | Glass Wall, Windows

Want an uninterrupted view to the world? Try a glass wall. One result of going on the Modesto Garden Club's annual spring tour is the desire to create your own garden showplace. You start daydreaming about lush blooms, green, green grass, and shady trees. Then, you progress to thinking about ways to view your new garden…
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Soaring Ceilings | Replacement Windows, Glass Walls

Floor-to-ceiling replacement windows and glass walls can make your ceiling appear higher than it is and add visual space to your home or business. Tuolumne Park is one of your favorite places in the Modesto area. You love the scenery and the spaciousness of the park. Too bad when you get home your house seems…
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A “She-Shed” Sanctuary | Windows

If you've decided to build a "she-shed," you need a Modesto expert in commercial and residential windows. You totally bought into the idea of the "man cave," as a haven for the guys to go and be guys. But recently, you've begun wondering why he gets a safe haven while you're left to cope. According to…
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