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For Mom | Replacement Windows, Glass Cabinet Doors

Get Mom the gift of home improvement. She'll love it and it'll increase her property value as well. Tomorrow is Mothers Day. If you're like a lot of us, you'll be running around today (and we're not talking about the Ride for Mom type of running around) looking for that perfect gift. Roses and dinner…
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From Boring to Dazzling | Glass Inserts

Glass inserts will turn your boring, plain wood kitchen cabinets into something spectacular. Friends have long told you that your homemade chili is delish and have urged you to bottle it and sell it. Or, if not that, at least enter a chili cookoff. You've finally taken the plunge and plan to enter a batch…
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Easy Cabinet Update | Glass Inserts

Adding glass inserts to your kitchen cabinets is an easy way to brighten up your kitchen. 'Tis the season when breakfast with Santa is a frequent happening all over Modesto. While you're not expecting him to drop in for breakfast, it does have you looking at your kitchen with new eyes. And, you're thinking that…
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Easy, Glassy Upgrade | Glass Replacement, Glass Repair

One easy way to upgrade your kitchen is to use glass replacement inserts in your cabinet doors. You're planning on going to the Artwalk tonight in hopes you can find that one piece of art that will jazz up you kitchen decor. You're thinking it's easier to buy a piece of art than to replace…
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