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Summertime’s Coming!| Replacement Windows

It's time to consider replacement windows if your old ones don't keep out the heat of summer. Summer won't officially arrive for a couple of weeks, but it sure seems like it's here already considering the high temperatures. The Weather Channel says there's no relief in sight - the high today is supposed to hit…
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Threats Ahead! | Replacement Windows

Inefficient windows are one of the big threats to your home, at least one home care expert says. The kids were clamoring to see Circo Cabellero with its trapeze acts, motorcycles and other excitement.So you took them. Now, of course, they're all planning to be trapeze artists when they grow up and you're shuddering at…
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For Mom | Replacement Windows, Glass Cabinet Doors

Get Mom the gift of home improvement. She'll love it and it'll increase her property value as well. Tomorrow is Mothers Day. If you're like a lot of us, you'll be running around today (and we're not talking about the Ride for Mom type of running around) looking for that perfect gift. Roses and dinner…
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Saving Energy | Replacement Windows

Old windows can be one of the biggest energy wasters in your home. You admire the folks who can get up early in the morning to train for events like this morning's Run for Health. You'd like to do that, but the trouble is, with all you have to do, you just don't seem to…
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