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From Boring to Dazzling | Glass Inserts

Glass inserts will turn your boring, plain wood kitchen cabinets into something spectacular. Friends have long told you that your homemade chili is delish and have urged you to bottle it and sell it. Or, if not that, at least enter a chili cookoff. You've finally taken the plunge and plan to enter a batch…
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Let the Sun (and Moon) Shine In | Skylights

A skylight can help you save money and change the character of your home or business. You've been working hard on that new poem for the poetry fest this weekend. And you've found that, when you look up for inspiration, all you see is - a dull, drab ceiling. Wouldn't it be better, you wonder,…
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Time for a Change | Glass Showers

It's Groundhog Day - time to start thinking of making changes - like adding a new glass shower. It's Groundhog Day - the day a rodent tells us whether there's going to be a change in the weather or if winter is going to hang around for awhile. It's also the inspiration for an iconic…
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Let the Sun Shine In | Sun Rooms

A sun room is a perfect place to relax. You've just gotten back from many miles of bicycle pedaling and you're looking for a place to flop and relax for awhile. Sure, you could plop yourself down on the couch and watch TV or stretch out on the bed, but that's doesn't exactly fit the…
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