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You Can See Clearly Now

Your mirrors are a vitally important safety feature in cars and trucks. The same can be said of the windshields and all other auto glass.

If you think the mirrors in your car or truck aren’t really important, think again. They’re so important that the...
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Shower with Nature

Glass shower doors, skylights, and walls can make your bathroom a place to commune with nature.

It’s been blazingly hot in the Central Valley all summer. And while the Weather Channel says...
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Reflect on This

Need a replacement mirror? Call Don's Mobile Glass.

One of the many items we take for granted are the rear- and side-view mirrors in our cars and trucks. It seems they’ve been there forever. And, according to Wikipedia, they have been around in one form or...
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Keeping our Fleet on Track

Making sure our trucks are always in tip top shape!

We have over 80 trucks in our DMG fleet! That's a lot to keep track of! Luckily we have internal GPS trackers installed into each one of our vehicles. This insures that we know, not only the location of our trucks, but also their speed, idling time,...
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