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Soaring Glass Ceiling

Creating a custom glass ceiling is one way to create a truly unique home, office or commercial space that sets your building apart from others in California.

Perhaps one of the most stunning architectural designs in the world is the glass ceiling at the Read more

Mirror Sharing

It's frustrating when you're rushing to dress and you're having to shove someone else out of the way of the mirror. Don's has a solution.

Much as we might like to, most of us don’t live in a mansion. We struggle along daily wishing we had more elbow room. That can be especially true of the...
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Glass Architecture

Custom glass packs a punch when it comes to architecture or interior design.

In a blog focusing on "Crystal Castles," buildings around the globe that are notable for their use of glass, weburbanist.com describes the effect: “They shimmer in the sunlight, require no...
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