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Make Those Headlights Shine

You need headlight restoration if it's hard for you to see the road and for other drivers to see you.

You’re thinking of taking a day trip to Lodi so the kids can have fun at the Bugology event at the World of...
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Carpet Glass

You can get broken glass out of a carpet. And you can get a replacement window to fill in that gaping hole.

We’ve all been there. You’re rushing around trying to feed the kids, straighten up and get everyone out the door for school, work, whatever when - CRASH! - a glass hits the floor. It’s...
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Tips for Handling That Ding

It's not wise but if you have to postpone a windshield repair, here are some tips to keep that chip from getting worse.

You decided to do something really different over the weekend and head to the Napa Truffle Festival. Unfortunately, on the...
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Float on Air with Glass Stairs

Glass stairs can transform boring architecture in your home or business into something special.

You’re planning to go to the Merced Art Hop tonight even though you know you’re going to get home afterward, take a look around your house and sigh in...
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