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Shower in Glass Splendor | Glass Showers

A glass shower will bring a sense of spaciousness to even the smallest of bathrooms. May is National Bike Month and Modesto has been celebrating the fact this week with a series of events from a cycling expo to a bike to work event to today's family bicycling festival and criterium. You are in favor…
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Airy and Spacious | Glass Tabletop

Using glass tabletops can help reduce the visual clutter in your home or office. You had your usual experience at the Modesto Art Walk last night of wanting everything in sight. Trouble is, you already feel as if your home is cluttered and closed in. You're wishing there was a way to make things look…
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Glass in the Bath | Glass Countertops

A glass countertop in the bathroom is one of the newest home design trends. You haven't been to see it yet, but the name of the play The Clean House speaks volumes. If you're like a lot of people, you want a clean house, but with everything you have to do, it's hard. Besides, who…
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A Wall of Glass | Glass Walls

Once radical, glass walls are becoming more common in good home design. You spent part of today taking part in the Relay for Life. It's always an upper to do something good for people, but you also enjoyed being outdoors. Too bad there's not a way to be outdoors all the time but that's not…
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