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Top This!

Glass tabletops add a bit of gleam to your decor.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to glam up your dining room is to use a glass tabletop. As lushome.com says, “Glass top tables look great in all dining rooms. Glass top...
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Kitchen Glass

Glass can be used in many ways in your kitchen, from countertops to backsplashes to window walls.

Glass is becoming an increasingly popular material for kitchen backsplashes, according to architectureideas.info. There are many reasons for that: It makes the kitchen look brighter because...
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Cracked Windshield? No Problem!

Don's Mobile Glass can help with all your auto glass needs.

After a long, miserably hot summer, the weather in the Central Valley is finally turning cooler. Just in time for lots of events this weekend including theRead more

Clean and Modern Shower

Once you decide to install a glass shower door or glass shower enclosure, call Don's Mobile Glass to do the heavy work.

You can’t stand it anymore. You’ve watched so many home improvements shows, thumbed through so many home design magazines and clicked through umpty-million home decorating websites and drooled over a gazillion (it seems) glass...
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