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Glass in the Bath | Glass Countertops

A glass countertop in the bathroom is one of the newest home design trends. You haven't been to see it yet, but the name of the play The Clean House speaks volumes. If you're like a lot of people, you want a clean house, but with everything you have to do, it's hard. Besides, who…
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Glass Is the New Granite | Glass Countertop

A glass countertop is an increasingly popular alternative to granite. You don't think about your countertops very often. Well, except when you bring home groceries, or cook, or unload those luscious fruits and vegetables from the Modesto Certified Farmers Market. Then you can't help but notice them. And you have to admit, they could use…
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A Bit of Elegant Kitchen Drama | Glass Countertops

A glass countertop turns a drab kitchen into one that's elegant and dramatic. After the egg hunts and various other Easter events, you invited family and friends over for a big holiday celebration. Of course, people gathered in your kitchen to chat and enjoy themselves while you got things ready. It made you look around…
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Alternatives | Glass Countertops

Glass countertops are a great alternative to typical granite or laminate. One of the things you like to do before going out to concerts, like Abba Mania, is to have friends in for appetizers and conversation. But lately, you've been thinking your kitchen needs a bit of updating and you're ready to go for it.…
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