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Stash That Stuff! | Glass Shelves, Mirrors

Glass shelves and mirrors are a great way to jazz up your bathroom while giving you a place to store your stuff. You have to admit that the clutter in your bathroom gets to you at times. Whether you're getting dressed to do something casual like take your morning run or something a bit more…
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Display Space | Glass Shelves

Glass shelves are versatile. They can be used in any room. They can be subtle or they can be bold. It happened just as you knew it would. You came back from the Artist Open Studio tour with stuff. Lots of stuff. From wall hangings to ceramics. It's all gorgeous. But now you need to…
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Free Floating | Glass Shelves

Glass shelves are the perfect way to draw attention to your knickknacks. You're making the rounds of area flea markets this weekend in search of unique items to add individuality and interest to your decor. You're sure to find something but then, you have to worry about the best way to display it (and your…
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There But Not There | Glass Shelves

Glass shelves clear the clutter while blending into any decor. Holidays are fun, but they can serve as a reminder of how much "stuff" you have. That's because you had to clean it up and stash it somewhere so you'd have that uncluttered look when people came over. Then, friends and family added to the…
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