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Holiday Road Trip? | Auto Glass Repair

Before you set off on a fun July 4 weekend, be sure your car is in good shape. That includes the windshield and other auto glass. July 4 is one of the biggest holidays of the year. And, this year, it's even better because there's a three-day weekend to spend celebrating the USA's birthday. For…
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Looking for a Place to Chill | Mobile Windshield Repair

If your windshield is chipped or cracked, you need a mobile windshield repair expert to come help. The weather in Modesto has been brutally hot recently. And it's expected to continue that way into the holiday weekend. It has you daydreaming about a getaway to somewhere cool, like the Arctic Circle maybe. But that's a…
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Smashing | Car Window Repair

This Memorial Day - and every day - be sure to lock your car and keep your valuables out of sight. Police in Clearwater, FL, spent yesterday morning walking the streets looking for drivers who locked their car doors and had no valuables in sight. Those drivers earned vouchers to a Tampa Bay Rays baseball…
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Trapped by a Goat | Windshield Repair

No matter how your windshield gets chipped or broken, when it happens, you need windshield repair asap. There's a pretty funny video making the rounds of the Internet that shows a woman sitting in her car with a goat staring at her through her windshield. The goat is on top of her hood and seems…
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Repair or Replace? | Windshield Repair, Windshield Replace

When does a windshield repair turn into a windshield replacement? You were headed back from the Shinedown concert last night when the car ahead of your threw up a rock and CRACK! Yep, now you have a chip in your windshield. You're hoping you can get away with a windshield repair but you're not sure.…
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Smashed Glass | Windshield Repair, Windshield Replacement

Here are some tips for cleaning up broken glass in your car. It’s almost the scariest time of year and you decided to head over to the Higbee Horror Haunt for a horrifying evening. It was as scary as expected, but, on the way back, you stopped for dinner and when you returned to your…
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Starry, Starry Windshield | Windshield Repair

Windshield ding? Get your windshield repair before you need windshield replacement. The weekend is almost here and you’re looking forward to enjoying family activities, like taking the kids to the BMX riders’ clinic at Spreckels Park. But you’ve noticed a small chip in your windshield and you’re afraid most of your free time will be…
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Don’t Let That Ding Become a Crack

If your windshield gets dinged, take care that it doesn't turn into a full-blown crack. You spent a grand weekend hiking the Ten Lakes at Yosemite. But the trip back home wasn’t so great when a rock flew up and dinged your windshield. Now, you’re faced with the decision of repairing it or just leaving…
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Permanently Open Car Window?

Don's Mobile Glass is the one to call for all your auto glass repair or replacement needs. One of the things you wanted to do this Labor Day weekend was drive over to the Railtown 1897 State Historic Park in Jamestown for a train ride. But one of your car or truck windows just isn’t…
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See Clearly This Labor Day Weekend

Make sure your windshield, mirrors and other auto glass is in good shape before setting out on the road. AAA Travel projects 34.7 million Americans will journey 50 miles or more from home during the Labor Day holiday weekend, the highest volume for the holiday since 2008 and a 1.3 percent increase over 2013. Nearly…
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