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Let in the Light | Skylights

Skylights let in natural light, which makes us feel better. Spring is almost here and the weather in Modesto has been wonderful during the day. It's great to be outside whether you're using one of the city's bike paths or simply walking around the neighborhood. You wish there was a way to bring that natural…
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Let the Sun (and Moon) Shine In | Skylights

A skylight can help you save money and change the character of your home or business. You've been working hard on that new poem for the poetry fest this weekend. And you've found that, when you look up for inspiration, all you see is - a dull, drab ceiling. Wouldn't it be better, you wonder,…
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Natural Lighting

An insulated-glass skylight will bring light into a dark corner of your home or business. Few, if any, of us are 100 percent happy with our homes (or offices or businesses). Sometimes it’s the size of a room or that odd corner where nothing seems to fit. Or maybe it’s that dark room where light…
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Open to the Sky

When you want to add light to a room, a skylight is the way to go. Many of us humans have a love-hate relationship with the sun. We want light in our homes and offices (who wants to dwell in the dark?) but we don’t want the extreme heat that the sun can bring (think…
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