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Light Curb Appeal | Windows, Skylights

Windows, and the natural light they let in, are a major factor in curb appeal. It's that time of the year again when the American Graffiti Festival rolls into town. You know what you'll be doing this weekend. The retro look of classic cars is a major draw for you. But you do wish your…
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Saving Energy | Replacement Windows

Old windows can be one of the biggest energy wasters in your home. You admire the folks who can get up early in the morning to train for events like this morning's Run for Health. You'd like to do that, but the trouble is, with all you have to do, you just don't seem to…
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Invest in Your Home | Replacement Windows

Expecting a tax refund or other windfall? Invest in your home with some replacement windows or other upgrades. Have you been able to take the time to go to the Modesto Unplugged Music Festival or are you scrambling to get your taxes done at the last minute? If you're expecting a refund, you're likely daydreaming…
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Escape from It All | Windows, Replacement Windows

Windows give you a view of the world while you snuggle down inside to escape from it all. Sometimes life gets to you and nothing - not even the BunnyCon bar hop - sounds inviting. It's times like that when you need a man cave (if you're a guy) or a she shed (if you're…
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Going Green | Replacement Windows

The right replacement windows not only improve your home or business' energy efficiency, they're also good for the inhabitants' comfort and health. You're planning a trip to the Farmers' Market this morning. Fresh veggies and fruit simply taste better. And you like the fact that most of the produce is local. Supporting nearby farmers is…
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Soaring Ceilings | Replacement Windows, Glass Walls

Floor-to-ceiling replacement windows and glass walls can make your ceiling appear higher than it is and add visual space to your home or business. Tuolumne Park is one of your favorite places in the Modesto area. You love the scenery and the spaciousness of the park. Too bad when you get home your house seems…
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Fool the Eye | Replacement Windows

Replacement windows can update your curb appeal and add to your home's interior style. With Valentine's Day looming this weekend, you're looking for the perfect celebration. You could go to the Valentine's party at the McHenry Event Center or you could stay in for a romantic dinner for two. Trouble is, your home is rather…
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Window on the World | Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are a great choice when you want to update your curb appeal and save energy at the same time. Between the kids' clamoring to go to bugology at the World of Wonders Science Museum and watching news reports about the nasty weather in the east, you've turned your eyes to your windows. You're…
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Boost Your Home’s Value | Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are one of the best ways to hike your home's value. With the two biggest holidays of the year just ahead, the attention of many people turns to their homes. They plan on having lots of parties and family events during the holidays and want their homes to look great for the season.…
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Let There Be More Light! | Replacement Windows

Now’s the time to look around your home and see where you need to add or replace windows for more natural light. As winter approaches and the days shorten, many homeowners become more conscious of their windows, or their lack of windows. That happens because, as the light dwindles, the lack of natural light flowing…
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