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A Healthier Shower | Frameless Glass Shower Doors

A glass shower door can help you cut down on the health hazards in your bathroom. You can pretty much assure yourself you're going to be in your bathroom at least once a day to take that morning shower before heading to work. If you jog, decide to go someplace special, or simply want to…
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Glass Privacy | Glass Shower Doors

Want a glass shower door but worry about privacy? No problem. You've been practicing like mad for the Modesto Memorial this weekend. You feel better and you really enjoy it - honest! - but you have to admit that one of the best things about running is luxuriating in a warm shower when you're done.…
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Shower in Glass Splendor | Glass Showers

A glass shower will bring a sense of spaciousness to even the smallest of bathrooms. May is National Bike Month and Modesto has been celebrating the fact this week with a series of events from a cycling expo to a bike to work event to today's family bicycling festival and criterium. You are in favor…
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Decisions, Decisions | Glass Shower Doors

You've decided to get a glass shower door. Now what? Spring has definitely sprung around Modesto. Flowers are blooming. Fresh spring vegetables are in the Farmers Market. And the Nuts have opened their season. One way many homeowners celebrate spring is with the traditional spring cleaning. Others take the opportunity to upgrade and do those…
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Make Small Seem Large | Glass Shower Doors

Using glass shower doors instead of a shower curtain can make your small bathroom appear larger than it really is. This is stacking up to be a memorable Valentine's. Not only are you going to the Valentine's Tea, you've already gotten your gift - the promise of a bathroom re-do. That's especially good news as…
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Time for a Change | Glass Showers

It's Groundhog Day - time to start thinking of making changes - like adding a new glass shower. It's Groundhog Day - the day a rodent tells us whether there's going to be a change in the weather or if winter is going to hang around for awhile. It's also the inspiration for an iconic…
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Meditate on This | Glass Showers

Glass can help create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. You're on the HGTV email list, so you often get those great features on ways to decorate and revamp your home. One of HGTV's favorite rooms to offer advice about is the bathroom. Like how to make it more spa-like. So you click on the…
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Think Outside the Stocking | Glass Shower

Christmas will soon be here. Time to think creatively about gifts. The media is calling today "panic Saturday." It's the last shopping Saturday before Christmas and they're predicting hordes of shoppers will be jamming stores, looking for that perfect gift. Perhaps you like elbowing through frantic crowds, fighting for a parking place and standing in…
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Shower Luxury | Glass Shower Doors

A glass shower door, or a glass shower, can make your bath look expensive and luxurious. If you've ever watched videos of people practicing yoga, you might have been struck by how easy and peaceful it looks. But if you've ever tried it - or any related activities, such as tai chi - you find…
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Private Glass Showers | Glass Shower Doors

If you want glass shower doors, but you’re worried about privacy, there are ways to have both. While others are traveling for Labor Day, you’ve decided to chill. Maybe wander the mall to see if you can find any bargains. Maybe you’ll buy a few decorating magazines, go home, pour a few cool, tall drinks…
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