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Display Space | Glass Shelves

Glass shelves are versatile. They can be used in any room. They can be subtle or they can be bold. It happened just as you knew it would. You came back from the Artist Open Studio tour with stuff. Lots of stuff. From wall hangings to ceramics. It's all gorgeous. But now you need to…
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On Earth Day Save Energy | Replacement Windows

Energy-efficient replacement windows can save you energy costs and help make the Earth a greener place to live. It's Earth Day - that one day of the year when most people become especially conscious of saving energy and doing nice things for the planet. And you're certainly planning to go to tomorrow's Earth Day in…
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Play Ball! | Glass Repair, Glass Replace

That smashing sound could mean you should call a glass repair or glass replacement expert. It's baseball season again and the Modesto Nuts have played their first home game of 2016. You know what THAT means. Kids (and some adults) practicing ball so they can be the next champion pitcher. That's great until you hear…
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Invest in Your Home | Replacement Windows

Expecting a tax refund or other windfall? Invest in your home with some replacement windows or other upgrades. Have you been able to take the time to go to the Modesto Unplugged Music Festival or are you scrambling to get your taxes done at the last minute? If you're expecting a refund, you're likely daydreaming…
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Contain Yourself! | Windows

Windows are an important feature of your living space, whether it's traditional or not so traditional. April is more than the start of spring. It's also the month when Earth Day is celebrated and people become even more conscious of doing what they can to save the planet. Like recycling and re-purposing things rather than…
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Open Door | Glass Doors

A glass door to your patio is a good way to let in light and increase the connection between the outdoors and indoors. One of your guilty pleasures is sitting on your patio listening to music - like Kenny G (which is why you're planning to go to his concert next week). And now that…
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Glass Houses | Residential Glass

You need a residential glass expert when you want a bigger window on the world. One of the nice things about the Modesto Marathon is the way it winds through scenic vistas. They make you want to bring more of the outdoors into your daily life, even when you're indoors. Too bad you can't live…
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Free Floating | Glass Shelves

Glass shelves are the perfect way to draw attention to your knickknacks. You're making the rounds of area flea markets this weekend in search of unique items to add individuality and interest to your decor. You're sure to find something but then, you have to worry about the best way to display it (and your…
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Going Green | Replacement Windows

The right replacement windows not only improve your home or business' energy efficiency, they're also good for the inhabitants' comfort and health. You're planning a trip to the Farmers' Market this morning. Fresh veggies and fruit simply taste better. And you like the fact that most of the produce is local. Supporting nearby farmers is…
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Soaring Ceilings | Replacement Windows, Glass Walls

Floor-to-ceiling replacement windows and glass walls can make your ceiling appear higher than it is and add visual space to your home or business. Tuolumne Park is one of your favorite places in the Modesto area. You love the scenery and the spaciousness of the park. Too bad when you get home your house seems…
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