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A Blend of Glass and Light

The interplay of light with glass can make your home, office, or other business spectacular. UK resident Andrew Moor has been a pivotal figure in the world of architectural glass design for the past 30 years. His website describes him as “a glass artist, a glass art consultant, and a project manager assisting other artists…
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Smash and Grab

For shattered or dinged auto glass in Modesto and surrounding areas, call Don's. We're also known for residential glass in the Central Valley area. Sometimes “good news” is a matter of taking a broad view of things. That’s basically the way one has to interpret the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s recent report ranking the worst…
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Building With Glass?

When you want glass for a commercial setting, call Don's Mobile Glass. Think of modern commercial architecture and you can’t help but picture glittering glass buildings. There’s a reason for that. As says, “The transparent, ethereal nature of glass allows for extraordinary creations in the world of architecture.  From a crystalline pyramid of light…
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Meet Don Monaco, Our Founder

Don Monaco was laid off from a job about 55 years ago. Today, he's on magazine covers. Don’s Mobile Glass had its beginnings in the back of a 1951 Chevy. Now, it’s a pillar of the Central Valley with branches in four cities: Modesto, Merced, Turlock and Manteca. Along the way, founder Don Monaco changed…
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Color With Glass

Use glass instead of paint to add color to your room. Choosing color is perhaps one of the most important, and difficult, aspects of interior design. HGTV has entire television shows and webpages devoted to color and color choice. Homeowners agonize over the “right” color and color combinations when painting their house and walls. Apartment…
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The Great Divide

A glass divider can break up open space while preserving a spacious, open feeling. As inviting and stunning as open spaces can be in a home, sometimes you just want a way to help break up all that space. One way to do that in a large (or small) space is to use a room…
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