The Great Divide

A glass divider can break up open space while preserving a spacious, open feeling.

As inviting and stunning as open spaces can be in a home, sometimes you just want a way to help break up all that space. One way to do that in a large (or small) space is to use a room divider, according to Those dividers can include things as diverse as book cases to cement blocks. (Remember using those blocks with boards to make bookcases and shelving in your first apartment or house?) But bookcases and cement blocks can be pretty heavy and, well, solid. If you’re looking for something lighter and more elegant with a bit of glitter to it, try glass. It can preserve the open concept while creating smaller, more intimate spaces. We at Don’s Mobile Glass know how versatile glass can be. You could hang your divider from the ceiling or attach it to the wall or floor. You can use clear glass. Painted glass. Textured glass. Colored glass. A mixture of glass. A mixture of glass and other mediums, such as wood or metal. You can even cut it into shapes.

If you have ideas, Don’s can execute them for you. If you don’t, we can help because we have 50-plus years’ experience in all types of glass from the smallest of car mirrors to windshields to massive buildings and everything in between. When you think glass, think Don’s.

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