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Clear View | Mobile Glass Repair

When you have a broken or cracked windshield, you need a mobile glass repair expert like the technicians at Don's Mobile Glass. You're planning to drive to Yosemite for a weekend road trip, but your windshield is cracked and you're wondering if it's safe to take your car on the road. That depends on many…
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Broken Glass? | Commercial Glass Repair

When a window or door at your business is broken, you need a company with expertise in commercial glass repair. When you arrived at work this morning, you saw it - a giant crack in your glass door. You're not sure if someone tried to break in or what, but now you're stuck fixing it…
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Stash That Stuff! | Glass Shelves, Mirrors

Glass shelves and mirrors are a great way to jazz up your bathroom while giving you a place to store your stuff. You have to admit that the clutter in your bathroom gets to you at times. Whether you're getting dressed to do something casual like take your morning run or something a bit more…
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Contain Yourself! | Windows

Windows are an important feature of your living space, whether it's traditional or not so traditional. April is more than the start of spring. It's also the month when Earth Day is celebrated and people become even more conscious of doing what they can to save the planet. Like recycling and re-purposing things rather than…
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Lighten Up! | Skylights

Natural light from skylights and windows helps worker productivity and wellness. You've been noticing recently that many of your employees seem to be drowsy during the day. You've even noticed a few quickly hidden yawns and some workers who seem to be dropping off to sleep. You might be inclined to blame them for staying…
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Our New Home | Glass Repair, Glass Replace

The new headquarters for Don's Mobile Glass will be a full-service glass shop for all your home, business and auto glass needs. The new home of Don's Mobile Glass in Modesto is on target for an April 1 opening. When complete, the 2.6-acre site will have a state-of-the-art, 28,000-square-foot facility that will include a warehouse…
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Have Yourself a Merry Christmas | Glass Replace

Don's Mobile Glass wishes you and your family a merry and safe Christmas Day! We hope you not only enjoy this Christmas holiday but also get a chance to see the full moon. It hasn’t coincided with Christmas since 1977 and won’t happen again until 2034. And, remember, Don's is closed today for the holiday.…
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Check Your Batteries | Glass Repair

Don's Mobile Glass hopes you remembered to turn your clock back an hour after last night's Halloween festivities. Don's Glass hopes you had fun at the Ripon Spook Walk (or wherever else you went) last night. And we're also hoping you remembered to turn your clocks back an hour after the festivities. But we mostly hope…
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Watch Us Grow! | Glass Repair

Don’s is looking forward to a new facility to showcase our products! Work is progressing on the new home of Don’s Mobile Glass on Scenic Drive in Modesto. The land is on the site of the former Scenic Nursery. When it’s complete, Don’s will have a new main office of 28,000-square-feet. Of that, 6,000-square-feet will…
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Glass for the Yard | Glass Side Stair Panels

If you're looking to jazz up your porch or deck, think glass. With the July 4 three-day weekend about to kick off, the thoughts of many who aren’t planning road trips turn to – backyard cookouts. We’re guessing this has to be one of the biggest backyard barbecue weekends of the year. And, of course,…
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