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Making a Statement | Mirrors

A "statement" mirror in the bath is one of the decor trends for 2016, designers say. One of the motifs that characterize January is the "trends" article outlining what's hot in the coming year. That's especially true in the decorating and design field whether it's the new "in" colors or the feature that homeowners most…
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Reflections in a New Year | Mirrors, Glass Replace

Mirrors brighten up your home and office decor in many ways. This is the time of year when many of us, still reeling from the abundance of holiday goodies, don't want to leave the house to go to Trivia Tuesday, much less look in a mirror. But take heart, soon things will be back to…
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Reflections | MIrrors

A mirror adds light to a room. You're looking forward to taking a bit of time out of your Thanksgiving preparations this weekend to head over to the new outdoor ice skating rink for a bit of fun. It's not only fun and good exercise, but it's a pretty sight with skaters and lights reflected…
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Look in the Mirror | Mirrors

A mirror adds a bit of light and gleam to your decor no matter where you put it. With Halloween just eight days away, many people are planning jaunts to haunted houses, like Frightmare Farms. But they're also planning spooky costumes they can wear that day. And, one of the items any good costume needs…
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Fool the Eye with Mirrors | Mirrors, Custom Glass

Mirrors can be used on the inside, or outside, of your home or office to make a statement. One of the goals in modern building design is to somehow blend in with the surroundings to have as little impact on the environment as possible. Generally, when most people think of having a minimal impact on…
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You Can Never Have Too Many Mirrors | Mirrors

Whether you need mirrors for your home or business, Don's Mobile Glass is the place to call. You’ve decided to be adventurous and ride your bike to work today. And, if it goes well, you’ll try it again tomorrow with the mayor. You figure you’re not only participating in Bike to Work Day, you’re also…
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From Volcanoes to Your Tabletop

Mirrors have a long history and now they're used everywhere from wall mirrors to mirror furniture to mirror tabletops. Way back in history – or maybe pre-history – some human discovered that he (or she) could see his reflection not only in ponds and lakes but also in shiny stones. Those shiny stones of obsidian,…
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New Year Glitter

It's almost time to welcome the new year. Mirrors will rev up the party glitz and glam. Now that Christmas is over, all thoughts are turning to the future. And the immediate future is figuring out how to best celebrate the start of the future year. If you’re hosting a party – whether it’s just…
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Starry, Starry Living Room

Using mirrors to reflect the lights from a Christmas tree can create a starry effect inside your home or office. You just spent an awesome (and cold) night at Starry Skies over Yosemite and now you’re wishing you could duplicate that twinkling, magical effect in your home or office. Well, you can, in a way, especially…
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Mirrors are favorites of feng shui and design experts who rave about the light and energy they bring to a room. A mirror can be your best friend when you’re decorating a small space, according to interior designers. “Aside from soaring ceilings and gigantic windows, there is no better friend to a small space than…
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