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Top This!

If you want to add practical glamour to your home, a glass table top is the way to go. Kitchen and dining room tables have a special place in the home. They’re not only the places your family can gather to share a meal and the day’s adventures, they’re also homework centers, places for fingerpainting…
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Mirror This

A backsplash made of mirrors can add a unique pop of glitz to an otherwise boring kitchen. It’s Monday, the dreaded start to the workweek. You got up this morning as usual, made your coffee and stood there staring at your kitchen. Maybe it’s just because everything looks gloomy on a Monday morning or maybe…
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The Great Divide

A glass divider can break up open space while preserving a spacious, open feeling. As inviting and stunning as open spaces can be in a home, sometimes you just want a way to help break up all that space. One way to do that in a large (or small) space is to use a room…
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Mirror, Mirror, You Are the Wall

Make a big decorating statement with a mirror wall. Artist Phillip K. Smith III created a sensation last year when he unveiled his Lucid Stead in Joshua Tree. For those of you who haven't seen it, it's a house in the middle of a desert made using wooden planks, mirrors and LED lights. The mirrors…
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The Mirror Cracked…

Don's Mobile Glass will come to the rescue. They say hindsight is 20/20. But not if your rear view and side mirrors are broken. Then the ability to see what's behind you becomes a matter of safety. Don’s Mobile Glass can restore your hindsight – and side sight – in just a short time. We’ve…
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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Or on the door. Or the ceiling. Or anywhere you like. People who’ve gone to Pier 39 in San Francisco may be familiar with Magowan’s Infinite Mirror Maze. SF Weekly once described it as “possibly the most psychedelic place one can legally reach within the city limits. Black lights set this labyrinth of mirrors aglow,…
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