Mirror, Mirror, You Are the Wall

Make a big decorating statement with a mirror wall.

Artist Phillip K. Smith III created a sensation last year when he unveiled his Lucid Stead in Joshua Tree. For those of you who haven't seen it, it's a house in the middle of a desert made using wooden planks, mirrors and LED lights. The mirrors make it appear that the planks are literally floating in air with no attachment to each other or to the ground. Likewise, the roof seems to hover above the structure. It's a truly amazing piece of art (click here for pictures). As the magicians, say, it's done with mirrors.

The concept may be a little extreme (or not, depending on your taste and your desire for a unique living space) for an every day abode. But the idea shows what can be done with mirrors and some imagination, even if your scale is small. And imagination is the first step in making your living or work space reflect you.

The next step? Calling Don's Mobile Glass. We're the experts - more than 50 years' experience - in everything glass. From car and truck windshields to windows to mirrors (wall-sized and mini). We do it all. And we do it well, with pride in our work.

When You Want Your Space To Mirror You, Let Don's Help!


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