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The Great Divide

A glass divider can break up open space while preserving a spacious, open feeling. As inviting and stunning as open spaces can be in a home, sometimes you just want a way to help break up all that space. One way to do that in a large (or small) space is to use a room…
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Paint Your Heart Out

Painted glass sets off your personal space. No matter what your taste or decorating style, one thing you have in common with virtually everyone else on the planet is the desire to have your home or office be a unique space that reflects you. That can be hard to do when you set out to…
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Crash Crack!!!!

That's the sound of your windshield after an impact. You’re sitting at a stop light singing along to the radio when – CRASH! – someone rear ends you. Luckily, you and your passengers are okay but your car or truck’s rear window is another matter– multiple cracks. You might be tempted to leave it alone…
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Dining In On Art

Think you can't fit large, three-dimensional art into your house, office, or apartment? Think again. One of the most frustrating things about watching interior design shows, or reading those home decorating or architectural design magazines is the feeling that you can never duplicate what’s there. Like the art, for example. Especially three-dimensional art. Sure, you…
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Mirror, Mirror, You Are the Wall

Make a big decorating statement with a mirror wall. Artist Phillip K. Smith III created a sensation last year when he unveiled his Lucid Stead in Joshua Tree. For those of you who haven't seen it, it's a house in the middle of a desert made using wooden planks, mirrors and LED lights. The mirrors…
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Glass Opens the Door

Glass doors are a sophisticated accent for your interior design. When you think of glass doors, it’s likely you first think of entrances to stores or businesses – like the ones at Gabriel Jewelers or the Boardroom Lounge and Bar in Modesto. But glass doors can be used indoors as well. In your home. Your…
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The Sky’s the Limit

When it comes to the view provided by a glass ceiling. Look up. Seriously. Look at what’s above your head. Chances are, it’s a flat expanse. Painted white. With or without that popcorn stuff. We know. It’s dull. And boring. And expected. But it’s also because most of us simply don’t think about ceilings when…
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Top It Off with Glass

Re-doing your kitchen? Think glass! Want to add value to your home? According to, top of the list for upgrading your home is a kitchen re-do. And one of the biggest changes you can make are your countertops. If you’re a bit tired of granite and other stone and still want the elegance while…
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A Stairway to Design Heaven

A glass stairway can make your home, office, or business memorable. Stairs are something most people don’t think of very often, unless you’re trudging up them at the end of a long, tiring day. But staircases can make some of the most memorable statements out there. Just think of iconic staircases in movies. Those range…
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Dream of Glass Shelves

Glass shelves serve many functions in a home or office. It’s hot outside and there’s no end in sight with temperatures about 10 degrees above normal, the Modesto Bee reports. Sounds like a good time to stay in your cool air conditioned home and think about decorating with glass. We’re not talking about tchotchkes, we’re…
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