Crash Crack!!!!

That's the sound of your windshield after an impact.

You’re sitting at a stop light singing along to the radio when – CRASH! – someone rear ends you. Luckily, you and your passengers are okay but your car or truck’s rear window is another matter– multiple cracks. You might be tempted to leave it alone (after all, it’s the rear window, not the windshield) or try to fix it yourself but that’s not such a great idea. As says, “Windshield replacement and repairs are an involved process and labor intensive. Additionally, improper installation of a car’s windshield can result in serious injury and possibly death to a driver and their passengers. Windshield repairs, aside from addressing minor scratches that occur on the surface with a rubbing compound, should be left to a professional.”

Time to call Don’s Mobile Glass. We have more than 50 years’ experience in the glass industry. In fact, we started out specializing in windshields. Our certified, trained glass technicians will come to you, so you don’t have to take time out of your busy day trying to track us down. And with branches in Modesto, Turlock, Manteca and Merced, we’re never far away so we won’t take very long getting to you. And if you have other glass problems – window, door, wall, whatever, we can handle those, too!

When You Need Your Rear Windshield Repaired Or Replaced, Call Don’s!

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