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Don’s Mobile Glass Uses Sika®

The adhesives used to replace your windshield are not all the same! Don’s Mobile Glass only uses Sika® brand products to ensure a safe, world-class replacement every time. Sika® adhesive systems are designed to perform and have been the industry's leading product for over 25 years. With all of the quality glass products Don’s Mobile…
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In a Scrape | Windshield Repair

You need to call a windshield repair expert if your windshield gets scratched. You've recently noticed some arc-shaped scratches on your windshield and you're not sure how they got there. Well, if you haven't changed your windshield wiper blades in awhile, they could be the culprit. As points out: "If left unchanged for too…
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Avoid That Chip | Mobile Windshield Repair

You can take steps to prevent cracks or chips so you won't need to call for mobile windshield repair. There you are, all ready for a Friday night out at Music in the Plaza. Or, that was the plan until you looked at your windshield. That chip you've been eyeing for weeks has suddenly turned…
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Looking for a Place to Chill | Mobile Windshield Repair

If your windshield is chipped or cracked, you need a mobile windshield repair expert to come help. The weather in Modesto has been brutally hot recently. And it's expected to continue that way into the holiday weekend. It has you daydreaming about a getaway to somewhere cool, like the Arctic Circle maybe. But that's a…
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Why Fix That Ding? | Windshield Repair

Should you worry about finding a windshield repair expert for a teensy ding? You were getting ready to go to Yosemite for a Father's Day weekend outing when you noticed a small chip in your windshield. And now you're wondering if you need to get it fixed before you go or if it can wait…
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It’s Only a Crack | Windshield Repair, Windshield Replace

Get that windshield repaired before that crack turns into something worse and you need your windshield replaced. You were on your way home from Yosemite last weekend when it happened. A rock was kicked up from the road and hit your windshield. To your great relief, it was only a chip. But now you've spent…
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The Rains Have Come | Windshield Repair

With rain come potholes. With potholes come road debris. With road debris come windshield chips and the need to find a windshield repair expert. Cecil Russell, president and CEO of the Modesto Chamber, noted in his message to members this month that, at long last, the rains have come. The Central Valley is still in…
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Time in the Garden | Glass Repair

Gardening is a great activity but plant the wrong tree and you could end up needing a glass repair expert. Now that it's spring, the gardening bug bites many people. The idea of having plants and trees that flower and turn your yard into a lush showplace of greenery and blooms is irresistible to many.…
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Trapped by a Goat | Windshield Repair

No matter how your windshield gets chipped or broken, when it happens, you need windshield repair asap. There's a pretty funny video making the rounds of the Internet that shows a woman sitting in her car with a goat staring at her through her windshield. The goat is on top of her hood and seems…
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Repair or Replace? | Windshield Repair, Windshield Replace

When does a windshield repair turn into a windshield replacement? You were headed back from the Shinedown concert last night when the car ahead of your threw up a rock and CRACK! Yep, now you have a chip in your windshield. You're hoping you can get away with a windshield repair but you're not sure.…
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