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You can take steps to prevent cracks or chips so you won't need to call for mobile windshield repair.

There you are, all ready for a Friday night out at Music in the Plaza. Or, that was the plan until you looked at your windshield. That chip you've been eyeing for weeks has suddenly turned into a full-fledged crack. Now it looks like you'll be searching for a windshield repair shop rather than having fun.

Not necessarily. You could call for a mobile windshield repair company like Don's Mobile Glass to come to you. At the very least, you'll be able to carry on with whatever your plans are while Don's Glass fixes the problem - wherever you are.

But it would be even better if you could have avoided the problem. One way would have been to call Don's mobile windshield repair when the chip first happened. That way, it wouldn't have grown and you wouldn't be looking at windshield replacement. But there are ways to minimize the risk of getting a chip in the first place, according to Angie's List. Among those:

Keep your distance - "Rocks and other road debris being flung into the windshield by a vehicle in front of you is one of the most common causes for windshield damage. Keep a distance of at least three car lengths from the vehicle in front of you. It’s especially important to keep your distance from dump trucks or vehicles carrying loose materials such as soil or stone. Vibrations can cause loose rocks or pebbles to bounce out and strike your windshield."

Mow carefully - "The blade on your mower spins at thousands of revolutions per minute – making any object it strikes a powerful projectile. If you park your vehicle outside, always pick up any sticks, rocks or other objects in the yard before mowing to prevent them from becoming projectiles that may strike [your] windshield (or anything else)."

Check your windshield regularly - "You may not notice tiny chips in your windshield unless you look for them. Make it a habit to examine the glass every time you wash the windshield to catch any chips that may be lurking there."

And be sure to call Don's mobile windshield repair technicians when you do notice something amiss, whether it's your windshield or other auto glass. Don's has been the trusted auto glass repair shop in the Central Valley for almost 60 years. Don's has conveniently located offices in Modesto, Turlock, Manteca and Merced to serve you. But we are a mobile windshield repair company, so we can come to you.

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