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Get that windshield repair now or you’ll end up having to get windshield replacement.

There wasn’t much going on over the weekend, so you decided to drive over to River Bend Trail for a short hike. It was great. Then, on the way home, you noticed a small ding in your windshield. You’re sure it wasn’t there before your hike, but you’re not sure how it happened. But it is so tiny, you've decided to shrug it off. You figure that it’s not in your line of sight, so there’s no danger.

There may be no immediate danger and the chip might be tiny, but it’s wise to get it fixed anyway, according to the National Windshield Repair Association. The association offers three reasons:

Cost Savings – A windshield repair is hundreds of dollars less than a replacement. A chip repair prevents a crack and crack repair prevents a replacement. Whether you have a chip or a crack get it repaired ASAP.

Safety – Preserving the factory seal. If you are in accident the windshield is a major part of the airbag system and the roof support. Your best chances to avoid injuries or death is with the factory seal.

Quality – Saving your windshield preserves the higher quality original equipment manufactured windshield. OEM windshields have precise surface control so the wipers remove rain; are solar optimized to block UV and reduce heat buildup in a parked car by as much as 45 degrees F and while driving which reduces use of the air conditioner saving gas mileage; and have acoustic [properties that] give a quieter ride by reducing road, tire and wind noise.”

Once you’ve decided to get that windshield repair done, the place to call is Don’s Mobile Glass. Don’s has more than 55 years’ experience in the Central Valley with the repair and replacement of auto glass. Don’s doesn’t limit itself to auto glass. Don’s is also experienced in glass repair and glass replacement of all types – from commercial to residential to custom. Don’s has offices in Modesto, Manteca, Turlock and Merced to help you. But you don’t have to disrupt your day to get your windshield repair done, we come to you.

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