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Don’s Takes 36 Kids Christmas Shopping

Don’s Mobile Glass was excited to be able to bring our annual Christmas Shopping Event back this year! As we celebrated our 46th year, we were able to celebrate the holidays with 36 children along with the generosity of our participating sponsors and schools. The event consisted of an evening of dinner, dessert, special appearances…
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A Leap In Windshield Tech

Check out this video from KPTV|FOX 12 in Oregon about the importance of your “smart windshield”. Windshields today have more safety innovations than ever before; features that now come standard on most new vehicles. CLICK HERE FOR FOX 12 VIDEO Your windshield today plays a crucial role in the operation of safety features like lane…
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Don’s Wins 2nd Place at AGTO®

It’s been an exciting year for the auto glass industry and for Don’s Mobile Glass. Customers are beginning to understand the importance of ADAS Calibration and Re-Calibration. Now more than ever, vehicles are being designed with safety features that rely heavily on sensors built into the windshield. These sensors may not work if your windshield…
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We Are Heading Back To Auto Glass Week!

Don's Mobile Glass is heading back to Auto Glass Week!! Collin Walton will compete in The Pilkington Clear Advantage Auto Glass Technician Competition (AGTO), a premier international competition designed to honor the technician who completes the best automotive glass installation. Areas to be judged include: professionalism, credentials and knowledge; technician comportment and vehicle safety inspection;…
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Your Windshield is Actually a Safety Device

You may not realize that the windshield is one of your vehicle's most important safety devices working in conjunction with the seatbelt and air bag system. The windshield deflects your car's passenger air bag in a collision and supports the roof during a rollover, providing structural integrity that prevents the roof from caving in. Because…
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Don’s Takes 74 Kids Christmas Shopping

Santa Claus is real. Let me just start with that. There’s nothing like opening a gift that comes from him. It’s wrapped in unfamiliar Christmas paper. Nothing like what you spied on in the hallway closet after Thanksgiving or in the trunk of your mom’s car. It shimmers and shines with a bow that’s bigger than…
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Hiring Camp Fire Survivors

Attention Butte County Residents or those affected by the recent Camp Fire, WE MAY BE ABLE TO HELP. If you have experience with auto glass, residential glass, or commercial glass installation - we are looking to hire you. For those who have lost so much during the Camp Fire, a relocation package may be available. Watching our neighbors suffer through…
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Collin Walton Wins Bronze!!

After a long trip to San Antonio, TX and two days of an intense competition at Auto Glass Week 2018, we’re proud to take home the Bronze Medal. The Auto Glass Technician Olympics requires all contestants to follow the latest safety standards known to the automotive glass industry. Collin Walton of Merced was tasked with…
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Don’s Mobile Glass Competes to be the NATION’S BEST!

You may be familiar with Auto Glass Week, in which case you seriously enjoy following the automotive glass industry, but if not…it’s kind of a BIG DEAL!! Auto Glass Week is a global event in which companies from 19 countries gather to learn and demonstrate the latest and greatest safety standards and technological innovations happening…
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