Your Windshield is Actually a Safety Device

You may not realize that the windshield is one of your vehicle's most important safety devices working in conjunction with the seatbelt and air bag system.

The windshield deflects your car's passenger air bag in a collision and supports the roof during a rollover, providing structural integrity that prevents the roof from caving in.
Because of its crucial role in the event of an accident, do not treat auto glass replacement with the casualness of everyday vehicle maintenance.

Q: Many drivers don't realize that the windshield is actually a safety device. Can you tell me more about that?
-The windshield is the second most important safety device in a vehicle after the seatbelt.
-The windshield deflects the passenger air bag during a collision.
-Windshields supports the roof during a rollover, providing structural integrity that prevents the roof from caving in.

Q: Clearly we shouldn't treat windshield replacements the same way that we do other routine maintenance. What do drivers need to know about replacing windshields?
-Make sure that a windshield installation adheres to FMVSS 212/208 Standards.

Q: What else do drivers need to look for in an auto glass repair shop?
-The urethane adhesive used on your vehicle should provide a fast, 1-2 hour safe drive-away time. Make sure this guarantee is in writing. Amit Asija, National Business Development Head at Automotive Aftermarket at Sika® India Private Limited. Article shared from:

At Don's Mobile Glass, every automotive glass technician is trained and certified to correctly use Sika® brand adhesives on your windshield. Your safety is our number one concern. This is why we continue to closely follow the automotive glass industry, extensively train our auto technicians, and continue to stay informed about evolving technology that affects our customers.

Stay tuned to learn more about Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) like brake-assist and lane-departure systems, which help you from getting into an accident, and are incorporated into your windshield.

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