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You need to call a windshield repair expert if your windshield gets scratched.

You've recently noticed some arc-shaped scratches on your windshield and you're not sure how they got there. Well, if you haven't changed your windshield wiper blades in awhile, they could be the culprit.

As points out: "If left unchanged for too long, the material of the blade can shred and break loose from the arm. This can actually cause damage to your windshield, as the metal or hard plastic of the arm scrapes across the glass."

You can always change the blades. But if your windshield is scratched, you're going to need more than a blade change. You'll need the windshield repair experts at Don's Mobile Glass. Don's has been the trusted auto glass repair company in the Central Valley for almost 60 years. Don's has conveniently located offices in Modesto, Manteca, Turlock and Merced to serve you.

But you're thinking, "I want to go to Modestocon. I don't have time to sit around an auto glass repair shop while my windshield is repaired."

The good news is, you don't have to. Don's is a mobile glass repair company. So we'll come to you. Even to Modestocon. You go in and have fun and, when you come out, your windshield will be good as new.

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