Dream of Glass Shelves

Glass shelves serve many functions in a home or office.

It’s hot outside and there’s no end in sight with temperatures about 10 degrees above normal, the Modesto Bee reports. Sounds like a good time to stay in your cool air conditioned home and think about decorating with glass. We’re not talking about tchotchkes, we’re talking about the cutting edge glass that adds a distinctive pop to your home (or office) and makes people go WOW! when they see it. Things like glass shelves.

As the website decoist.com says, “There are many reasons to love glass shelving. One of our favorites: its ‘there but not there’ quality. Since glass shelves are transparent, they seamlessly blend into their environment, creating a light and airy feel in any room they inhabit.”

Any room is a key phrase. Glass shelves are great for living rooms where they can display items (“No wonder so many shops choose glass shelving,” decoist.com points out). And they can play off a glass shower in bathrooms.

If you want glass shelving that truly accents your home or office, call Don’s Mobile Glass. Yes, we do windshields and other auto glass – it’s how we got our start – but we’re also great at homes, offices and large commercial installations. You dream of glass and we deliver the glass of those dreams.

Call Don’s For That Glass Shelving!

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