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No More Ding

You should have even a small windshield ding repaired as soon as possible to improve safety and prevent further damage. It’s starting out to be a bad day. You came outside this morning, got in your car or truck and – there’s a chunk out of your windshield. You don’t recall its being there the…
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Shower Art

Use glass shower doors to show off the designs you use on the walls in your bathroom. Some of the hottest design trends for bathrooms this year have to do with the walls, according to Among them are large slabs of marble and onyx inset into the wall; large-scale, bold floral art; and mosaic…
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Windshield Chips

Get that windshield chip repaired quickly before it becomes a bigger auto glass problem. You decided to do something a bit different this weekend by driving over to Jamestown for a steam engine train ride at the Railtown 1897 State Historic Park. On the way back, a rock flew up and BANG! Now you have…
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Space Saving Glass

Glass shelves can help clear away the clutter by providing an attractive, space-saving place to display your stuff. Storage space is one thing that always seems to be in short supply no matter how big your home or office is. But it is even worse in small spaces. And sometimes you can feel really stuck…
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Mirror Solutions

Mirrors can help brighten your home or office and add a pop of gleam to your decor. “Mirrors are simply the most elegant, useful, and under-appreciated decorating tool,” so says A strategically placed mirror, the website says, can solve multiple decorating problems: “Mirrors enhance architecture by effectively extending the line of sight to emphasize…
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Bathroom Glass

Cool glass is one of the hot new trends in home design for your bath, whether it's a simple glass shower door or a whole glass bathroom. Design experts talk a lot about the amount of time we spend in our kitchens and bedrooms as one reason to pay special attention to the décor of…
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Glass Doorways

Etched glass can make a design statement whether used on a front door, a shower door, or interior door. If you’ve thought about installing glass doors but you’ve hesitated because of privacy issues, hesitate no longer. Try etched glass – that frosted look that can be solid or broken up with clear designs. This Old…
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Let Nature Flow

Insulated glass walls and windows let the outside in while making a memorable design statement. Architectural Digest magazine recently highlighted architect Philip Johnson’s “Glass House.” Located in Connecticut, the house’s walls are glass. That’s right, all four walls are glass. Stand on one side of the house and you can see through the interior and…
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Glass Window, Glass Shelves

Custom glass shelves can spruce up your windows and add a spark of color to any room in your home or business. If you’re searching for a way to decorate your windows that’s a bit different than the traditional curtains, drapes, blinds, or shades, think glass. That’s right, glass shelves. They, unlike other materials, provide…
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A Windshield That Gleams

If your windshield is scratched or dinged, you should get it repaired or replaced. One of the many things you might notice if you go to the Memorial Car Show at the Fruit Yard today is the condition of the cars, from the gleaming chrome and shiny paint to the polished windshields. It kind of…
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