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More Space | Sunroom, Windows

A sunroom filled with windows is a good way to increase living space and bring in light from the outdoors. You're interested in going to the 100th birthday celebration of the original structure of the Carnegie Arts Center. The building has certainly undergone a lot in the 100 years since it was built, including some…
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Who You Gonna Call? | Glass Repair, Windshield Repair

With all the auto glass repair companies out there, how to do you choose when you need windshield repair? You were driving home last evening from a trip to the Applegate Park Zoo in Merced when the car in front of you kicked up a rock from the road. The rock hit your windshield, which,…
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Window on the World | Windows, Replacement Windows

Window seats can become everyone's favorite place to perch. You've been doing a lot of daydreaming and reminiscing recently, sparked by plans to go see the Little River Band. Most of your daydreaming has been done while sitting in a chair gazing out a window across the room. But you're thinking there's got to be…
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Soaring Ceilings | Replacement Windows, Glass Walls

Floor-to-ceiling replacement windows and glass walls can make your ceiling appear higher than it is and add visual space to your home or business. Tuolumne Park is one of your favorite places in the Modesto area. You love the scenery and the spaciousness of the park. Too bad when you get home your house seems…
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Brighten Up | Glass Stair Panels, Custom Glass

Glass stair panels can lighten and brighten up an already existing staircase. You love your home, but you have to admit that it could use some updating. An update that would lighten and brighten the space would be especially welcome. One place you might want to look at making a change is your stairs. Consider…
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Lighten Up! | Skylights

Natural light from skylights and windows helps worker productivity and wellness. You've been noticing recently that many of your employees seem to be drowsy during the day. You've even noticed a few quickly hidden yawns and some workers who seem to be dropping off to sleep. You might be inclined to blame them for staying…
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Make Small Seem Large | Glass Shower Doors

Using glass shower doors instead of a shower curtain can make your small bathroom appear larger than it really is. This is stacking up to be a memorable Valentine's. Not only are you going to the Valentine's Tea, you've already gotten your gift - the promise of a bathroom re-do. That's especially good news as…
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Fool the Eye | Replacement Windows

Replacement windows can update your curb appeal and add to your home's interior style. With Valentine's Day looming this weekend, you're looking for the perfect celebration. You could go to the Valentine's party at the McHenry Event Center or you could stay in for a romantic dinner for two. Trouble is, your home is rather…
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Curb Appeal | Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors can change the look of your whole house, giving it a fresh, inviting feel. You've been jogging a lot lately, preparing for events like this weekend's Super Hero 5K & 10K Walk/Runs & Kids' Fun Run. Maybe it's because you're getting fitter that you can think of other things than huffing and puffing…
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From Boring to Dazzling | Glass Inserts

Glass inserts will turn your boring, plain wood kitchen cabinets into something spectacular. Friends have long told you that your homemade chili is delish and have urged you to bottle it and sell it. Or, if not that, at least enter a chili cookoff. You've finally taken the plunge and plan to enter a batch…
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