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Glass stair panels can lighten and brighten up an already existing staircase.

You love your home, but you have to admit that it could use some updating. An update that would lighten and brighten the space would be especially welcome. One place you might want to look at making a change is your stairs. Consider them in glass. Or, if you don't want to change out your stairs, think about glass walls or glass stair panels framing them instead of that wall or wooden railing system.

"A glass staircase seems to float and also allows light to filter through," says

Homedit adds, "It’s very similar for glass walls as well. Glass staircase walls make excellent additions to old and historic structures which often include dark and gloomy spaces. The glass even allows architecture and design to come through and doesn’t block the views. These staircase walls are the perfect way to illuminate dark interiors and they’re excellent for homes with skylights."

If the idea is a bit hard to wrap your head around, come talk to the glass experts at Don's Mobile Glass. Don's can help you visualize what your home (or business, for that matter) might look like with glass stair panels or glass stairs and help you design a look that you'll love for years to come.

Don's has been the trusted custom glass expert in the Central Valley for almost 60 years. Don's has expertise in all types of glass - residential glass, commercial glass, auto glass - and glass repair and replacement. Don's is a proud member of the Modesto Chamber of Commerce. And, Don's has offices conveniently located in Modesto, Manteca, Turlock and Merced to serve you. But we're mobile, so we can come to you.

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