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Brighten Up | Glass Stair Panels, Custom Glass

Glass stair panels can lighten and brighten up an already existing staircase. You love your home, but you have to admit that it could use some updating. An update that would lighten and brighten the space would be especially welcome. One place you might want to look at making a change is your stairs. Consider…
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Float on Air with Glass Stairs

Glass stairs can transform boring architecture in your home or business into something special. You’re planning to go to the Merced Art Hop tonight even though you know you’re going to get home afterward, take a look around your house and sigh in frustration. If only you could do something to make your home more…
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Stair Steps

When you want to create an eye-catching stairway, think glass. When it comes to designing or decorating a house, office or other commercial building, stairs are usually seen as a necessary, functional piece that gets you safely and efficiently from one floor to another. But, as advises, that may be too limiting a way…
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Glass Choices

Not sure what glass goes best with your style? Many times when you’re thinking of using glass in an architectural setting or as part of your interior design, you think only of those sleek glass buildings glittering in the sun – like the black glass Fifteen 24 Professional Center on McHenry Avenue just south of…
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A Stairway to Design Heaven

A glass stairway can make your home, office, or business memorable. Stairs are something most people don’t think of very often, unless you’re trudging up them at the end of a long, tiring day. But staircases can make some of the most memorable statements out there. Just think of iconic staircases in movies. Those range…
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