Stair Steps

When you want to create an eye-catching stairway, think glass.

When it comes to designing or decorating a house, office or other commercial building, stairs are usually seen as a necessary, functional piece that gets you safely and efficiently from one floor to another. But, as advises, that may be too limiting a way to look at the staircase. Some architects and designers strive to have a creation that’s both safe and eyecatching.

“In some cases, their creations become the focal point of a room – more art installation than functional architectural element,” weburbanist says. “These stair designs that go far beyond the basic, becoming works of art, ecological wonders and a means of rediscovering the child within.” One material that can be used to provide that impact is, of course, glass because it creates staircases that “seemingly float on air.”

If you’re thinking, “Yeah, gorgeous, but glass? What about modesty when wearing a skirt?” That’s easily solved. Glass can be colored. It can be frosted. It can be etched. It can be painted. It can be textured. Modesty preserved but still a major WOW factor in your design.

And if you want an entire glass staircase, or just pieces of glass in your staircase, the people to call are at Don’s Mobile Glass. We’ve spent more than 55 years in the Central Valley around Modesto providing custom glass for homes, businesses, farms, factories, autos, you name it. You name it, we can provide it. Glass, that is.

Let Don’s Help You Create a Stunning Stairway!

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