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A Bit of Elegant Kitchen Drama | Glass Countertops

A glass countertop turns a drab kitchen into one that's elegant and dramatic. After the egg hunts and various other Easter events, you invited family and friends over for a big holiday celebration. Of course, people gathered in your kitchen to chat and enjoy themselves while you got things ready. It made you look around…
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Happy Easter! | Auto Glass, Glass Repair

Don's Mobile Glass wishes everyone a Happy Easter! Easter is the one time of the year when you CAN put all your eggs in one basket. Don's Mobile Glass has been the Central Valley's reliable glass repair and glass replacement service for almost 60 years. Don's is the glass repair and glass replacement expert for…
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Trapped by a Goat | Windshield Repair

No matter how your windshield gets chipped or broken, when it happens, you need windshield repair asap. There's a pretty funny video making the rounds of the Internet that shows a woman sitting in her car with a goat staring at her through her windshield. The goat is on top of her hood and seems…
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Glass Houses | Residential Glass

You need a residential glass expert when you want a bigger window on the world. One of the nice things about the Modesto Marathon is the way it winds through scenic vistas. They make you want to bring more of the outdoors into your daily life, even when you're indoors. Too bad you can't live…
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Spring Is Here | Glass Replace

Use glass in the form of mirrors, windows, skylights and doors to brighten up your dark spaces and let the spring in. Tomorrow (March 20) is the first day of spring and you're planning to celebrate by wandering around Gallo Winery's camellia gardens. Beautiful flowers, spring weather, light and sunshine. What could be better? Better…
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Thump, Bump, Crack | Glass Repair, Auto Glass

Potholes can create road debris that has you looking for an auto glass repair expert. Sunday is the official first day of spring. And, yes, that means new foliage and flowers and such. But, as the nonprofit Car Care Council reminds, it also means more potholes. That's because the weather - rain, melting snow -…
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Made in the Shade | Custom Glass

Adult tree houses are all the rage. Use custom glass for walls, windows or whatever you imagine and you'll have something really spectacular. "Old Grandad," the original ash tree in Modesto, is a landmark but it's also a great place for shade on a hot, sunny day. And now that winter is over and the…
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Free Floating | Glass Shelves

Glass shelves are the perfect way to draw attention to your knickknacks. You're making the rounds of area flea markets this weekend in search of unique items to add individuality and interest to your decor. You're sure to find something but then, you have to worry about the best way to display it (and your…
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Soaring Ceilings | Mirrors

A strategically placed mirror can make your low ceilings appear to be much higher than they are. The year just seems to be flying by. It seems like only yesterday you were celebrating the new year, and now, here it is, time for Lucky Fest and St. Patrick's Day. Thing is, you don't feel especially…
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Repair or Replace? | Windshield Repair, Windshield Replace

When does a windshield repair turn into a windshield replacement? You were headed back from the Shinedown concert last night when the car ahead of your threw up a rock and CRACK! Yep, now you have a chip in your windshield. You're hoping you can get away with a windshield repair but you're not sure.…
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