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Potholes can create road debris that has you looking for an auto glass repair expert.

Sunday is the official first day of spring. And, yes, that means new foliage and flowers and such. But, as the nonprofit Car Care Council reminds, it also means more potholes. That's because the weather - rain, melting snow - weakens the soil underneath the pavement. Then cars and trucks driving over the weak spot create cracks that eventually turn into potholes.

And you know what cracks and holes mean - that's right, road debris that can fly up and hit your windshield and chip it or break it. That's true all over, but especially on roads around places like Yosemite where the weather is a bit more extreme.

If your windshield, or other auto glass, is chipped or broken, you'll be searching for a company like Don's Mobile Glass. Don's is experienced in all phases of auto glass repair and auto glass replacement. We've been at it for almost 60 years.

Don's has convenient locations in Modesto, Manteca, Turlock and Merced for all types of glass repair and glass replacement - whether it's auto glass, residential glass, commercial glass or custom glass. But, as our name says, we're mobile, so we can come to you.

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