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Saving Energy | Replacement Windows

Old windows can be one of the biggest energy wasters in your home. You admire the folks who can get up early in the morning to train for events like this morning's Run for Health. You'd like to do that, but the trouble is, with all you have to do, you just don't seem to…
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Decisions, Decisions | Glass Shower Doors

You've decided to get a glass shower door. Now what? Spring has definitely sprung around Modesto. Flowers are blooming. Fresh spring vegetables are in the Farmers Market. And the Nuts have opened their season. One way many homeowners celebrate spring is with the traditional spring cleaning. Others take the opportunity to upgrade and do those…
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It’s Dark Out There | Headlight Restoration

Headlights are often neglected when it comes to car care. When you were coming home from Batman v. Superman last night, you noticed things were a little, well, dark. Your headlights seemed to be working, but maybe they were a bit dimmer than usual. Sounds as if you, like lots of other drivers, have been…
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Display Space | Glass Shelves

Glass shelves are versatile. They can be used in any room. They can be subtle or they can be bold. It happened just as you knew it would. You came back from the Artist Open Studio tour with stuff. Lots of stuff. From wall hangings to ceramics. It's all gorgeous. But now you need to…
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On Earth Day Save Energy | Replacement Windows

Energy-efficient replacement windows can save you energy costs and help make the Earth a greener place to live. It's Earth Day - that one day of the year when most people become especially conscious of saving energy and doing nice things for the planet. And you're certainly planning to go to tomorrow's Earth Day in…
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Glass Is the New Granite | Glass Countertop

A glass countertop is an increasingly popular alternative to granite. You don't think about your countertops very often. Well, except when you bring home groceries, or cook, or unload those luscious fruits and vegetables from the Modesto Certified Farmers Market. Then you can't help but notice them. And you have to admit, they could use…
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Transparent | Glass Wall, Windows

Want an uninterrupted view to the world? Try a glass wall. One result of going on the Modesto Garden Club's annual spring tour is the desire to create your own garden showplace. You start daydreaming about lush blooms, green, green grass, and shady trees. Then, you progress to thinking about ways to view your new garden…
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Play Ball! | Glass Repair, Glass Replace

That smashing sound could mean you should call a glass repair or glass replacement expert. It's baseball season again and the Modesto Nuts have played their first home game of 2016. You know what THAT means. Kids (and some adults) practicing ball so they can be the next champion pitcher. That's great until you hear…
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The Rains Have Come | Windshield Repair

With rain come potholes. With potholes come road debris. With road debris come windshield chips and the need to find a windshield repair expert. Cecil Russell, president and CEO of the Modesto Chamber, noted in his message to members this month that, at long last, the rains have come. The Central Valley is still in…
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Invest in Your Home | Replacement Windows

Expecting a tax refund or other windfall? Invest in your home with some replacement windows or other upgrades. Have you been able to take the time to go to the Modesto Unplugged Music Festival or are you scrambling to get your taxes done at the last minute? If you're expecting a refund, you're likely daydreaming…
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