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Contain Yourself! | Windows

Windows are an important feature of your living space, whether it's traditional or not so traditional. April is more than the start of spring. It's also the month when Earth Day is celebrated and people become even more conscious of doing what they can to save the planet. Like recycling and re-purposing things rather than…
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Time in the Garden | Glass Repair

Gardening is a great activity but plant the wrong tree and you could end up needing a glass repair expert. Now that it's spring, the gardening bug bites many people. The idea of having plants and trees that flower and turn your yard into a lush showplace of greenery and blooms is irresistible to many.…
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Open Door | Glass Doors

A glass door to your patio is a good way to let in light and increase the connection between the outdoors and indoors. One of your guilty pleasures is sitting on your patio listening to music - like Kenny G (which is why you're planning to go to his concert next week). And now that…
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Escape from It All | Windows, Replacement Windows

Windows give you a view of the world while you snuggle down inside to escape from it all. Sometimes life gets to you and nothing - not even the BunnyCon bar hop - sounds inviting. It's times like that when you need a man cave (if you're a guy) or a she shed (if you're…
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