Don’s Passes 2018 Auto Glass Safety Audit

We’re proud to announce that Don’s Mobile Glass has successfully passed the Auto Glass Safety Council Validation Audit for 2018!

The Auto Glass Safety Council sets the standard for auto glass safety and best practices in our industry. The organization is the ‘definitive authority on safe auto glass installation’.

As a member of the AGSC, Don’s Mobile Glass is required to maintain the highest safety and quality standards. To ensure that we do, the AGSC conducts annual safety audits - and this week - we performed exceptionally well!

An on-site safety audit consists of a detailed inspection of the company, our personnel and procedures. All audits are reviewed and validated by a third-party. Independent third-party validators verify that our ‘actions and answers’ follow the AGSC/AGRSS/ANSI and the instructions of our adhesive manufacturer, Sika®. But, that’s no sweat for us! We live for this kind of stuff!

We are committed to your safety. It’s our responsibility to ensure we follow the highest safety standards possible and we take pride in our ability to do just that.

As quoted by David Leach, Chief Operating Officer at Don’s Mobile Glass, “Keeping customers safe by doing the job correctly is paramount, and quite simply, the only right way to work for our business. The AGSC audit process is validation that our efforts are working".







AGSC_Audit Pass Press Release 2018


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