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If it's getting hard to see at night, it's probably time for a bit of headlight restoration.

The big news this past week from AAA has been about headlights. AAA tested headlights and found that many simply don’t do a good job of lighting your way. That’s partly because of the type of light – AAA found that HD and LED were generally better than halogen, for example. But it’s also because of deterioration.

AAA says: “The protective coating used on the plastics of modern lenses can slowly deteriorate and cloud after about five years, reducing light output and increasing light scatter which results in glare for other drivers.  The testing found that restoring headlights doubles the maximum light intensity and reduces glare-producing light scatter by up to 60 percent.”

But most Americans – about 80 percent – fail to have their headlights restored. That might be because the loss of light is gradual – you don’t realize that you just can’t see as well at night as you could when your car was new. And, it might be because you’re not driving much on unlighted roads when it’s dark. After all, the loss of light is less noticeable when you’re driving around Modesto than when you’re returning late from a trip to Yosemite.

But, AAA says, it’s something drivers should be aware of.

“Deteriorated or dirty headlight lenses are not just an aesthetic issue,” warns John Nielsen, AAA’s managing director, Automotive Engineering and Repair. “An annual service on older vehicles will increase your nighttime visibility and minimize distracting glare for fellow drivers.”

It really is easy to fix. You simply call Don’s Mobile Glass and – like magic – we appear, do a bit of headlight restoration and we’re gone again. No need to interrupt your day. Don’s has been the auto glass repair and replacement shop of choice in the Central Valley for more than 55 years. We have offices in Modesto, Manteca, Turlock and Merced, so we’re always close by when you need us. And, we are mobile, so we come to you, wherever you are, 24/7. And we’re also known for other types of glass – custom, residential, commercial, replacement windows, shower doors. You name it, if it’s glass, we have it.

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