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Before you set out on the road, make sure your headlights can light the way.

Summertime is peeking around the corner and that means vacation time. Or, if you can’t get away for a full-blown vacation, it can at least mean weekend road trip time. According to Roadtrip America, one of the best routes is right at our front door. It’s the route between Modesto and Bakersfield, or what the website calls “a ‘California Dreaming’ ramble.”

Before you leave on that road trip, the Red Cross recommends you make sure your car is ready for the journey. Among the tips: “Clean your headlights, taillights, signal lights and windows to help you see, especially at night.” Clean lights would seem to be just an irritating little detail, but when it comes to seeing where you’re going, the importance of clean headlights becomes more apparent. And, if your car has any age on it, headlight restoration becomes more of a necessity. We’re betting you don’t realize how much more you could see with clean, bright lights.

That’s why you should call Don’s Mobile Glass to come clean those headlights, taillights, signal lights and windows before you set out on your travels. It really will make a difference to your safety and enjoyment on the trip. Don’s has been the auto glass replacement and repair expert in the Central Valley for more than 55 years. We have shops in Modesto, Manteca, Turlock and Merced, but we come to you. You’ll find that a bit of headlight restoration won’t take a lot of time but it will make the road ahead much clearer.

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