Precision Windshield Replacement

Windshields are becoming more hi-tech these days. Many vehicles feature Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), like blind spot detection, lane departure warning systems, forward-facing cameras, and rain sensors - all designed to increase driver safety.

These systems use a variety of sensors that can be integrated into your windshield. That's why the precision setting of your windshield is absolutely necessary.

Don's Mobile Glass requires the use of a precision setting device during one-man jobs. Setting devices not only reduce the strain on technicians, but ensure proper installation of ADAS features in your windshield.

The average windshield is between 36-40 lbs. That's a lot of weight to carry for a single person! Without the use of a setting device, the bulk of that weight effects two main fulcrum points: the lower-back and elbow. Additional strain is also placed on the neck, arms and legs.

The use of a setting device protects the well-being of our technicians by redistributing the weight of a windshield, allowing for a precision and ergonomic glass part installation.

Our technicians go through 6-8 weeks of training to learn how to properly use setting devices and to properly care for the ADAS features in your windshield.

Currently, Don's is working on a proprietary toolkit with our own custom designed setting device and cut-out tool!

The goal is to alleviate unnecessary strain on the technician and ensure a world-class installation every time.

As stated by Jacques Navant, Technical Director with Don's and auto glass expert, "Precision glass part placement is everything when dealing with ADAS features. In our mind, if it's good for our technicians and good for our customers' safety and well-being, these tools are well worth the investment"

** Read the entire article here, "Setting Tools Abound" featured in the AGRR Jan/Feb 2017 vol. 19 issue, featuring our very own Jacques!

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