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Ask about the Auto Glass Safety Council's certification requirements.

Sometimes people wonder about the best way to choose someone to repair or replace their windshield if it is chipped, cracked, or shattered. We at Don’s Mobile Glass suggest you ask several questions. One of the first should be about the training and experience your installer will have. Specifically, ask about certification.

All of our auto glass technicians are AGRSS certified. AGRSS, or auto glass replacement safety standard, is overseen by the Auto Glass Safety Council, an accredited American National Standards Institute standards development organization. The AGSC is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the safe replacement of auto glass. The AGSC was founded and is supported by companies in the auto glass replacement industry that keep safe installation as their primary goal. The safety standard developed by the council is North America’s only auto glass replacement standard, which addresses procedures, education and product performance.

The safety council’s overall mission is “to make every automotive glass replacement a safe one. It does so by: Developing and maintaining standards for the safe replacement of automotive glass; providing an industry-wide accreditation program; and by educating the driving public,” according to its website, safewindshields.org.

Why is that important?

The council explains: “Automotive glass, especially the windshield, has become an important part of the safety envelope in your vehicle. Proper automotive glass replacement is important to maintain the structural integrity and safety features of the vehicle. As an educated consumer, you’ll want to do everything you can to insure your automotive glass is replaced using the proper procedures … Certification gives you peace of mind to be sure that any of our technicians will give you the best service.”

Let Don’s Mobile Glass Give You Peace of Mind When Your Windshield Needs to be Repaired or Replaced!

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