On the Edge

Design is in the details.

When you’re thinking of decorating, or re-decorating, your home, you want it to reflect you. And one way you can do that is using materials that you don’t find in most spec homes – like glass counters. But you can also go a step further with those – using those glass counters to further define your taste and to complement your chosen style. You do that by paying attention to details.

Details like the edge of the countertop.

As bathroom design expert Lisa Kahn says, the “edge style may seem like a relatively unimportant detail…until the finished product is installed in your bathroom. Since your countertop is a surface you'll see and touch several times a day, you'll want to make sure your choice is not only practical, but complements the rest of your bathroom design.”

The same goes for the edge no matter where the countertop is placed – kitchen, bar area, man cave, office. Those edges, even though we’re talking about glass, can be as varied as any you’ll ever see on a counter made of more traditional materials: square, ogee, beveled, bullnose, cove, or even one of your own invention.

The people who can help you get those design details just right are at Don’s Mobile Glass. We have more than 50 years’ experience working with homeowners, architects, designers, and builders to create custom interiors for every taste.

When You Want To Be Edgy, Call Don’s, We Can Help!

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