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Made in the Shade | Custom Glass

Adult tree houses are all the rage. Use custom glass for walls, windows or whatever you imagine and you'll have something really spectacular. "Old Grandad," the original ash tree in Modesto, is a landmark but it's also a great place for shade on a hot, sunny day. And now that winter is over and the…
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Alternatives | Glass Countertops

Glass countertops are a great alternative to typical granite or laminate. One of the things you like to do before going out to concerts, like Abba Mania, is to have friends in for appetizers and conversation. But lately, you've been thinking your kitchen needs a bit of updating and you're ready to go for it.…
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More Space | Sunroom, Windows

A sunroom filled with windows is a good way to increase living space and bring in light from the outdoors. You're interested in going to the 100th birthday celebration of the original structure of the Carnegie Arts Center. The building has certainly undergone a lot in the 100 years since it was built, including some…
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Brighten Up | Glass Stair Panels, Custom Glass

Glass stair panels can lighten and brighten up an already existing staircase. You love your home, but you have to admit that it could use some updating. An update that would lighten and brighten the space would be especially welcome. One place you might want to look at making a change is your stairs. Consider…
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Curb Appeal | Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors can change the look of your whole house, giving it a fresh, inviting feel. You've been jogging a lot lately, preparing for events like this weekend's Super Hero 5K & 10K Walk/Runs & Kids' Fun Run. Maybe it's because you're getting fitter that you can think of other things than huffing and puffing…
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Glass in the Bath | Glass Countertops

A glass countertop in the bathroom can make a small room look large and add a pop of sparkle. You started making out your list for Santa Claus last night. High on the list is your bathroom. You'd dearly love to have a totally new bath that's large and luxurious. But even Santa can't do…
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Easy, Glassy Upgrade | Glass Replacement, Glass Repair

One easy way to upgrade your kitchen is to use glass replacement inserts in your cabinet doors. You're planning on going to the Artwalk tonight in hopes you can find that one piece of art that will jazz up you kitchen decor. You're thinking it's easier to buy a piece of art than to replace…
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Recycle That Glass | Glass Repair, Glass Replacement

Recycled glass is one way to modernize your home or business without hurting the environment. You’re ready to re-do your kitchen, bath, or both and you’re looking for ways to be eco-friendly. One trend is to use recycled glass for your countertops. Recycled cola bottles, for example. Or other forms of recycled glass from mirrors…
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Glass Fantasies | Custom Glass, Commercial Glass

Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to using glass in building and home design. The architectural world is all abuzz over a proposed swimming pool in London. Why? Well, it’s all glass and suspended more than 100 feet above a busy London street between two buildings apparently without support. Think of it…
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Flexible Glass | Commercial Glass

Glass has architectural appeal whether it’s for commercial or residential buildings. One of the attractions at car shows like the Hot August Nights Vintage Car Show is the gleam. The gleam of well-polished chrome, paint and windshields. It’s that glitter that helps make glass buildings equally appealing. And it’s not only the glitter that makes…
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