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Making a Statement | Mirrors

A "statement" mirror in the bath is one of the decor trends for 2016, designers say. One of the motifs that characterize January is the "trends" article outlining what's hot in the coming year. That's especially true in the decorating and design field whether it's the new "in" colors or the feature that homeowners most…
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Reflections in a New Year | Mirrors, Glass Replace

Mirrors brighten up your home and office decor in many ways. This is the time of year when many of us, still reeling from the abundance of holiday goodies, don't want to leave the house to go to Trivia Tuesday, much less look in a mirror. But take heart, soon things will be back to…
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Reflections | MIrrors

A mirror adds light to a room. You're looking forward to taking a bit of time out of your Thanksgiving preparations this weekend to head over to the new outdoor ice skating rink for a bit of fun. It's not only fun and good exercise, but it's a pretty sight with skaters and lights reflected…
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Look in the Mirror | Mirrors

A mirror adds a bit of light and gleam to your decor no matter where you put it. With Halloween just eight days away, many people are planning jaunts to haunted houses, like Frightmare Farms. But they're also planning spooky costumes they can wear that day. And, one of the items any good costume needs…
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