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It’s Halloween – Time to Haunt the Night

But before you go haunting, be sure your headlights are in good working order so you can get a good view of all the spooks. It’s Halloween, the night for witches, goblins and werewolves to howl. Whether you go home, trick or treating, Freak Fest 2014, the Summoning: Halloween Street Party, or somewhere else, one…
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Glass and Light

When you look for glass shower surrounds and insulated-glass windows and skylights for your bathroom, call Don's Mobile Glass. You’ve been spending some time recently perfecting your makeup for that big Halloween party tomorrow night. So you’ve been jumping in and out of the shower to wash off the body paint. Because you’ve been in…
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Spider Web?

Spiders and their webs are perfect Halloween decorations. Unless it's a web-like crack in your windshield. It’s almost Halloween and you’ve decided to go to the VC Misfits First Annual Halloween Car Show Party. You haven’t quite decided what you’re going to wear, but decorating your car is a no-brainer. The windshield is already cracked…
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Energy Savings

If you want to save on energy bills, you should consider installing insulated-glass windows in your home or business. Now that the weather is cooling off, you’re probably seeing a drop in your utility bills. But that could just be temporary because colder weather is just around the corner. And, as the U.S. Department of…
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Let the Sun Shine In!

A skylight is the design choice to bring natural light into your home or business. When you want to bring natural light into your home, office or business, think about one or more strategically placed skylights. As says, they’re perfect for “flooding a space with dazzling natural light. Strategically placed, these stunning architectural elements…
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“There But Not There”

Glass shelving works in any room and any building - home, restaurant, store, office. Maximize its impact with a mirror. It’s no secret that many architects and designers have a love affair with glass. From glass walls and ceilings to glass floors and stairs, you see it in offices, restaurants, stores and homes. Although it…
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A glass shower door, or glass shower surround, will make your bathroom stylish and give you a place to relax after a long day. You spent an invigorating morning at East La Loma Park for the ShadowChase Running Club’s Halloween Fun Run. And now you’re headed home for a relaxing shower to clean off the…
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Mirrors are favorites of feng shui and design experts who rave about the light and energy they bring to a room. A mirror can be your best friend when you’re decorating a small space, according to interior designers. “Aside from soaring ceilings and gigantic windows, there is no better friend to a small space than…
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Light and Privacy

When you want to amp up the curb appeal, think of using a glass insert for your existing front door. If you watch enough home improvement shows and read enough interior and exterior design tips on websites and in magazines, you sometimes end up thinking the only way to improve the curb appeal of your…
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Add Some Zen to Your Shower

If you want a zen-like, spa-like experience in the mornings, try a glass shower door or glass shower surround. Now that the weather is cooling off, it’s especially nice to take a hike, run or bike along the Dry Creek Bike Path. It’s great to be outside having fun and getting fit (or fitter). But…
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