Light and Privacy

When you want to amp up the curb appeal, think of using a glass insert for your existing front door.

If you watch enough home improvement shows and read enough interior and exterior design tips on websites and in magazines, you sometimes end up thinking the only way to improve the curb appeal of your home or business is to flatten the whole thing and start over again.

But, as appealing as that thought might be, it’s usually impractical to do so. So, instead, we look for ways to quickly and easily ramp up the curb appeal. And one way to do that is to change your doors, especially your front door. No, we’re not talking about a whole new door. We’re talking about cutting a chunk out of it and inserting glass. VOILA!!!! The glass inserts give you an entry that, as says, makes a statement.

If you’re hesitating because you’re concerned about privacy, don’t be.

Consider what Fred Albert, a writer who covers architecture and design issues, has to say:

“I don’t consider myself a paranoid person. But as someone who occasionally parades around the house in a towel or cuts loose when a favorite song plays on the radio, I am very conscious of passersby (or delivery people) catching me unawares. A solid front door would solve the problem, but I appreciate the illumination and sense of welcome created by a glass door or sidelights. That’s why I’m drawn to front doors that manage to provide those and offer a degree of privacy. One of the simplest ways to achieve all these things is with frosted glass.”

Sandblasted, textured and stained glass all work as well, Albert says. But, he suggests leaving a small, clear hole as a safety peephole since you can’t install one in a glass door.

If you want to up your curb appeal and make a statement with glass, the people to call are at Don’s Mobile Glass. We’ve been serving the Central Valley for 55-plus years. We’re the go-to people for custom glass, residential and commercial glass, glass inserts, insulated glass, windows and mirrors. We have offices in Modesto, Manteca, Turlock and Merced, so we’re conveniently located. But we also come to you.

When You Decide to Bump Up That Curb Appeal, Let Don’s Help!

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