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Windows on the World

When it comes to insulated-glass replacement windows, there are many styles to choose that will enhance your home or business. Perhaps the best known reason for people replace the windows in their homes, offices and businesses is energy savings. Using insulated-glass, energy-efficient windows will save on the cost of utilities, but there are other reasons…
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Top This!

Glass tabletops add a bit of gleam to your decor. One of the quickest and easiest ways to glam up your dining room is to use a glass tabletop. As says, “Glass top tables look great in all dining rooms. Glass top dining tables feature versatile design that bring more reflected light into homes…
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Kitchen Glass

Glass can be used in many ways in your kitchen, from countertops to backsplashes to window walls. Glass is becoming an increasingly popular material for kitchen backsplashes, according to There are many reasons for that: It makes the kitchen look brighter because of its shine. It is a sleek backdrop to the counters, cabinets…
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Airy Openness

An insulated-glass window wall can maximize the light and view that come into your home or business while saving on utility bills. Consumer Reports says there are practical reasons – other than savings on utility bills – to buy replacement windows: “New windows can enhance the look of your home and make it less drafty…
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Cracked Windshield? No Problem!

Don's Mobile Glass can help with all your auto glass needs. After a long, miserably hot summer, the weather in the Central Valley is finally turning cooler. Just in time for lots of events this weekend including the Northern California Women’s Music Festival. You plan to go but you’re unable to see to get there…
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Clean and Modern Shower

Once you decide to install a glass shower door or glass shower enclosure, call Don's Mobile Glass to do the heavy work. You can’t stand it anymore. You’ve watched so many home improvements shows, thumbed through so many home design magazines and clicked through umpty-million home decorating websites and drooled over a gazillion (it seems)…
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Glass Creates “Empty Space”

Glass makes it seem like nothing's there so your room immediately becomes more spacious. Design Build Ideas, a European website that keeps track of interior and architectural design trends, notes that “often interior design is focused on seeking emptiness. When we clean up the house we seek it to be empty of impurities, of what…
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Natural Lighting

An insulated-glass skylight will bring light into a dark corner of your home or business. Few, if any, of us are 100 percent happy with our homes (or offices or businesses). Sometimes it’s the size of a room or that odd corner where nothing seems to fit. Or maybe it’s that dark room where light…
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Glass Bridges

Many business owners are using glass in innovative ways to attract customers. Apple is, of course, best known for its popular and cutting edge computer, tablet and smartphone designs. But they’ve also been innovative when it comes to designing their stores. Certainly, one of the most eye-catching points in many of the stores are the…
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Window Comfort

Insulated-glass replacement windows can help save money and make your home, office, or other business a more comfortable place to live or work. With the temperatures cooling off a bit, you might be tempted to forget the oven-like summer that gripped the Central Valley in a massive heat wave for weeks. And you might not…
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