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Insulated-glass replacement windows can help save money and make your home, office, or other business a more comfortable place to live or work.

With the temperatures cooling off a bit, you might be tempted to forget the oven-like summer that gripped the Central Valley in a massive heat wave for weeks. And you might not be thinking about the chilly weather (especially at night) that’s to come. And the only thought you might give to your utility bill is relief at seeing it’s a bit lower now than it was last month. But now’s the time you need to be thinking of that and figuring out ways to keep those bills down all year-round. Like investing in insulated-glass replacement windows.

We’re not just talking about heating and cooling costs. The U.S. Department of Energy says that “energy-efficient windows, doors, and skylights - also known as fenestration - can help lower a home's heating, cooling, and lighting costs.”

They also make your home or business more comfortable.

“Windows that have good insulating values will make your home more comfortable, particularly in winter,” says “This is partly because they allow less heat to pass through, but there's another reason - the inside surface of a better insulated window will be warmer. When you stand or sit by it, your body won't lose as much heat to the window as it would to a colder surface. Sometimes the draftiness that people feel from windows isn't due to air movement at all, but rather to the fact that we radiate body heat to the cold window surface.”

Of course, when you want insulated-glass replacement windows for your home, office, or other business, you want to call Don’s Mobile Glass. We’ve been supplying the Central Valley with all types of glass, mirrors and windows for more than 55 years. With offices in Modesto, Manteca, Turlock and Merced, we’re always close by.

Let Don’s Help You Be More Comfortable and Save Money!

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