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Foggy Windows?

If your windows fog up on chilly mornings, you might need to upgrade to insulated-glass replacement windows. Now that chilly nights have arrived in the Central Valley, you might be one of those homeowners who awakens in the morning to wet windows. No, not wet on the outside. Wet on the inside from condensation. The…
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We’re not just glass… We are so much more!

Did you know we also have a full service auto repair store in Merced? That's right! Don's Tire and Service is one of our newest locations that is not only one part glass repair shop, but is also a tire and auto repair shop! When we took over the old Goodyear Tire store in 2010,…
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The Sky’s the Limit

Invite the sky into your home or office with a glass ceiling or a simple insulated-glass skylight. Are you one of those people who just can’t wait to get outdoors? Any chance you get, you can be found outside whether it’s on one of Modesto’s walking paths, bike paths or golf courses. And it’s not…
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Feeling Drafty?

As the cooler weather sets in, you might be feeling a draft or two. Could be time for replacement windows in Manteca, Turlock and Modesto. It’s getting chilly out there. Okay, so it’s not as frigid as in the northeast where they’re expected to get a “historical” snowstorm. But, for us, it’s chilly and expected…
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Make Those Headlights Shine

You need headlight restoration if it's hard for you to see the road and for other drivers to see you. You’re thinking of taking a day trip to Lodi so the kids can have fun at the Bugology event at the World of Wonders Science Museum. After that, a bit of wandering around, dinner, then…
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Carpet Glass

You can get broken glass out of a carpet. And you can get a replacement window to fill in that gaping hole. We’ve all been there. You’re rushing around trying to feed the kids, straighten up and get everyone out the door for school, work, whatever when - CRASH! - a glass hits the floor.…
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Tips for Handling That Ding

It's not wise but if you have to postpone a windshield repair, here are some tips to keep that chip from getting worse. You decided to do something really different over the weekend and head to the Napa Truffle Festival. Unfortunately, on the way there, a rock flew up and dinged your windshield. You decided…
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Let’s Welcome Alaura to the DMG team!!

[caption id="attachment_3775" align="alignleft" width="169"] New CSR Alaura Crouse[/caption] Alaura Crouse is the newest addition to the Don's Mobile Glass family! She has been hired right now for the CSR position at our downtown Modesto Auto location. Although she has only been here for a short period of time she has already been trained at our corporate…
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Float on Air with Glass Stairs

Glass stairs can transform boring architecture in your home or business into something special. You’re planning to go to the Merced Art Hop tonight even though you know you’re going to get home afterward, take a look around your house and sigh in frustration. If only you could do something to make your home more…
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Wanted: An Office with a Window View

Natural light from windows or glass walls is crucial to improving productivity for office workers. You drive past them every day and probably don’t give them a thought unless you have to go inside one. They’re office buildings and, according to the Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG), they’re “the most tangible reflection of a profound…
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